Legrand Nederland B.V.

Legrand“Professional, appropriate and customer focused. Those are the qualities of MontClair”, states Vincent van Kemenade, Financial Director of Legrand Nederland”

Legrand is part of the global Legrand Group. In the Netherlands, Legrand serves the housing and utility construction market, machine and control board builders and industry. MontClair tend to their insurances: fire, liability, accident, work material, business travel and Wegam.

When Vincent van Kemenade started at Legrand Nederland end of 2007, he was introduced to MontClair for the first time. His experience with MontClair is very positive. Van Kemenade: “There is a close working relationship. Communications run smoothly and  matters  are usually picked up immediately and feed back is given quickly.”

“When confronted with a number of complex damage claims in the past we were swamped. Having an expert like MontClair to help settle them was of great added value to us”, says Vincent van Kemenade