Frank de Nijs, Febo: ‘Short lines, large degree of flexibility, that's MontClair'

Febo is a well-known Dutch chain of fast food restaurant where snacks are presented in automats and are situated primarily in the Netherlands’ Randstadarea (roughly the area bordered by Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht). Febo was established in 1941 in Amsterdam, and has grown into a stable franchise organisation. Freshness and quality are the main focus, and it is with this strategy that the company wishes to expand further.
Febo currently has 61 branches, seven of which they manage themselves. 

Frank de Nijs, financial manager: “We were searching for a good pension scheme for our employees, who are spread out among our three companies: production, management and automation. The hospitality sector pension fund takes care of the pensions, but only offers insurance up to a certain income, above which no more accrual takes place. Some of our employees earn above the limit, and no accrual takes place above that salary.

MontClair went in search of a partner who could provide us with tailored insurance. Nationale Nederlanden turned out to be the right insurer for our needs, and so we initiated a surplus scheme for all of our employees, which has been well-received. They are useful fringe benefits that we create for our employees. We also enlisted MontClair's help to convert the survivors' pension into an attractive scheme for all of our staff.

Of course, you do need to explain all of the extras properly, as the employees also contribute themselves. At our request, MontClair explained the complexities to our staff in simple and clear terms. Now everybody knows how the accrual is structured, and how it all fits together. MontClair proved to be a helpful partner throughout the entire process, with short lines of communication allowing a large degree of flexibility."