About us


MontClair was founded by three dedicated professionals, each with their own field of expertise. Together they represent MontClair’s core values with conviction – fairness, transparency, personal attention and professionalism – with the important common denominator: “Our role as independent adviser is our greatest strength.”

“We provide clarity”

Arnold Klapwijk (1953) has over 35 years of experience, both in the Netherlands and abroad. He has occupied several positions at Marsh (formerly Mees & Zoonen and Sedgwick), and worked for four years as vice president at Johnson & Higgins in New York (now Marsh). Whilst there, he served the markets in North and South America, and represented the J&H/Unison network in those regions. Prior to establishing MontClair, he worked for ten years as managing director of Meeùs Assurantiën. Arnold is an expert in the field of general insurance and has earned all of the necessary qualifications, including the title of Registered Insurance Broker (Register Makelaar in Assurantiën, RMiA).“MontClair provides companies with good-quality, independent advice. And while companies are prepared to pay for the service, they are understandably keen to know exactly what it is they are paying for, and whether the fee is proportional to the work that we do. These are concrete questions, to which we provide honest answers. I also see MontClair as a welcome respite from the all-consuming pressure to keep expanding. And if you ask our customers, you’ll find that that thought rings true. Bigger is certainly not always better.” Arnold is the general manager of MontClair.

“Insurance is a people business”

Patricia Schellen (1972) studied Business Administration in Antwerp, and began her career in 1995 at the Sytsma Group. She then worked for over six years at Meeùs Assurantiën, and ultimately founded MontClair in 2003 together with Arnold Klapwijk and Stasiu Kowalski.

“For me, personal attention is what it’s all about. We may not be the biggest company, but it is precisely for that reason that I can do so much more for my customers. I also believe it is very important to operate in a manner transparent to our customers – open, attentive and with a focus on results. Insurance is a people business, and if we start looking at a case, you can guarantee that we will start making ground.” Although Patricia specialises in Employee Benefits, she has expanded her field of responsibility which now includes Marketing & Sales.

“Expert advice and the best service”

Stasiu Kowalski (1955) has over thirty years’ experience in the insurance sector, and started his career at an insurance broker in Rotterdam. Over the years, Stasiu specialised not only in risk management, but now also possesses a wealth of knowledge in the fields of logistic service businesses and fleet management. Before Stasiu decided to start up MontClair, he worked with Arnold and Patricia at Meeùs Assurantiën.

“Interaction with customers, that’s what I love. And to me, the diversity of our customer portfolio is a feast in itself. With our knowledge and experience we provide high-quality service, something I enjoy doing every day. Our added value lies in the fact that we want to give our customers the best possible advice, which doesn’t always result in an insurance policy. Sometimes customers can take care of risks themselves relatively simply.” Stasiu is a senior account manager.